The Palladio Awards 2006

The Palladio Awards 2006

Millennium Gate awarded a Palladio Award 2006 in the category Public Spaces: Parks, Plazas, Gardens, Streetscapes

Millennium Gate has been awarded a Palladio Award 2006 in the category Public Spaces: Parks, Plazas, Gardens, Streetscapes The Palladio Awards competition recognises ten architectural firms for outstanding work in traditional design for commercial, institutional and residential projects. The programme is co-produced by Traditional Building and Period Homes magazines and was named after Andrea Palladio, the Renaissance architect who created modern architecture for his time while drawing on past models for inspiration.

The Millennium Gate takes the form of a monumental arch with a public gallery for contemporary classical sculpture and various meeting and reception rooms. The design is embellished with a sculptural allegory by Alexander Stoddart, telling the story of peaceful accomplishment over the last 2000 years. Decoration is restrained. Reaching 70 feet in height, the building is the first classical monument of this scale to be built in the USA since the Jefferson Memorial in 1936. The building is set on the edge of a new park, and forms part of the urban regeneration of an old steel mill. The new monument is framed by two further sculpture groups of Peace & Justice representing the return of civilising values to the city.

Commissioned by The National Monuments Foundation and funded mainly through private donations. The initial design was the result of an international competition and conceived by The National Monuments Foundation as a great public structure that would use the beauty of classical design to lift the human spirit. Ten winners were selected to collaborate on a preliminary design. Hugh Petter was commissioned by The National Monuments Foundation to work alongside National Monuments director, Rodney Cook Jnr, to develop the initial concepts into the final architectural design. In addition to creating a unifying design for the structure, Hugh Petter positioned the monument within its dramatic lake-side setting and is also working on the design of the interiors with Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill.

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