Wolfson Prize 2014

Wolfson Prize 2014

Robbie Kerr awarded Wolfson "Light Bulb" Prize

Robbie Kerr is one of the recipients of a Wolfson “Light Bulb” prizes who submitted a personal entry with James Russell Stoneham.

Download a copy of Robbie & James's entry, The Audacity to Dream Better

Just five “light bulb” prizes were awarded in addition to the shortlist, for good innovations in certain areas of Garden City creation, from nearly 300 organisations and individuals entered the competition. The 2014 Wolfson Economics Prize is a competition seeking the best ideas on how to deliver a new garden city.

Robbie Kerr was selected alongside more well-known names, for his comprehensive and clear ideas on using bond financing mechanisms to fund a whole new city. Although bond finance is already used by a number of developers. The judges commented on his submission, “This submission argues convincingly and concisely for bond finance split into construction and infrastructure bonds, and identifies the potential role that Islamic finance could play.”

Robbie Kerr commented on the prize, “This is a very exciting recognition so early in my career and I hope that the work recognised by this prize can continue to shape future projects.”

Robert Adam of ADAM Urbanism said, “We are delighted that Robbie is already making a contribution to new thinking in urban design.”

Other information:

This year’s prize, devised by Next chief executive Lord Wolfson, was designed to generate the best ideas on how to deliver a new garden city in the UK.

Five entrants have been shortlisted for the Wolfson Economics Prize to propose plans for a new UK garden city - Barton Willmore, Chris Blundell, David Rudlin of Urbed, Shelter and Wei Yang & Partners.

Five of those who submitted entries have been awarded £1,000 “light bulb” prizes for particularly good innovations in certain areas of Garden City creation. Recipients of this include the civil servant formerly in charge of Gordon Brown’s eco-towns programme, Henry Cleary, and construction economist Martin Hewes.

More information go to http://www.policyexchange.org.uk/component/zoo/item/wolfson-economics-prize

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