The Team



Ian Aburrow Ian Aburrow Associate, Architect
Thomas Amoo Thomas Amoo Architectural Assistant
Cory Babb Cory Babb Associate, Architectural Assistant
Matt Beaton Matt Beaton Architect
Sue Beaumont Sue Beaumont PR & Marketing Manager
Becky Birch Becky Birch Administration Assistant (maternity cover)
Meryll Blake Meryll Blake Architectural Technologist
Vanya Bozhilova Vanya Bozhilova Architect
Steven Bushell Steven Bushell Associate Director View biography
Sarah Campbell Sarah Campbell Office Administrator
Fredrik Carlsson Fredrik Carlsson Associate, Urban Designer
Tony Clark Tony Clark Architectural Assistant
Ginny Clover Ginny Clover Receptionist
Peter Cooke Peter Cooke Associate, Architect
Trudy Coutts Trudy Coutts Assistant to Robert Adam
Dave Cox Dave Cox CAD Studio Assistant
Robert Cox Robert Cox Associate, Architect
Peter Critoph Peter Critoph Associate Director, Urban Design View biography
Wayne Derrick Wayne Derrick Architectural Assistant
Robert Down Robert Down Associate, Architectural Technologist
Alison Duthie Alison Duthie Finance & HR Manager
Jonathan Fox Jonathan Fox Associate Director, Architect View biography
Akos Ginder Akos Ginder Architect
Mark Himmens Mark Himmens Associate, Architect
Claire Hollox Claire Hollox Assistant to Hugh Petter
Katie Hubbard Katie Hubbard Architectural Assistant
Edward Kercher Edward Kercher Architectural Technologist
Gail Kenton Gail Kenton Senior Associate, Architect
Heather Laker Heather Laker Account Manager
Ian Lawrence Ian Lawrence Senior Associate, Architectural Technologist
Helen Lawrence-Beaton Helen Lawrence-Beaton Architectural Historian & Historic Researcher View biography
James Lee James Lee Architectural Assistant
Anise Lewis Anise Lewis Finance & Payroll Assistant
Justine Lightly Justine Lightly Assistant to George Saumarez Smith
Luis Machuca-Galleguillos Luis Machuca-Galleguillos Architect
Victor Man Victor Man Architectural Assistant
Rossana Miles Rossana Miles Architect
Andrew Moneyheffer Andrew Moneyheffer Associate, Urban Designer
Alex Montague-Smith Alex Montague-Smith Associate, Architect
Andrew Moore Andrew Moore Associate Director, Architectural Technologist View biography
David Myres David Myres Associate Director, Architect View biography
Tom Orr Tom Orr Senior Associate, Architect View biography
Helen O'Sullivan Helen O'Sullivan Assistant to Nigel Anderson & Robbie Kerr
Boglarka Pal Boglarka Pal Architectural Assistant
Peter Papp Peter Papp Architect
Tom Paris Tom Paris Associate, Architect
Natalie Petts Natalie Petts Administration Assistant (maternity leave)
Michal Piotrowski Michal Piotrowski Architect
Paul Pizzo Paul Pizzo Senior Associate, Architectural Technologist View biography
Robert Pratt Robert Pratt Architectural Assistant
Darren Price Darren Price Associate, Architect
Wayne Reakes Wayne Reakes Associate Director, Architect View biography
Steve Renshaw Steve Renshaw Architectural Technician
Yana Ruzinska Yana Ruzinska Graphic Designer
Keith Shearer Keith Shearer Senior Associate, Architect View biography
Kerith Smith Kerith Smith Assistant to Paul Hanvey
Robin Stannard Robin Stannard Architectural Technologist & Historic Building Surveyor
Roman Stuller Roman Stuller Architectural Technologist
Zi Ken Toh Zi Ken Toh Architectural Assistant
Mark White Mark White Practice Manager View biography
Qing Xue Qing Xue Architectural Assistant
Diana Yu Diana Yu Associate, Architectural Assistant
Carl Zdziebczok Carl Zdziebczok Commercial Manager